The small bodies interact physically with each other and their local human (e.g. teaming to squeeze a hand) with behavior generated, steered, adapted by and visually expressing members’ emotions. A team of psychology and human-robot interaction experts are building this vision with AI-adaptive interaction and authoring behaviors atop a basic swarm. We will collect data from ICR residents with DD via activity-tracking exercises, interviews, and a suite of arts-based methods that enables them to select a suitable mode of communication. Interviews will end with questions about participation experiences to identify issues and advance qualitative methods for people with DD. Art products will undergo visual analysis, interview data will be coded, and a disability studies lens will be central to our analysis.

This is due, in part, to a disconnection between design solutions and local resources availability. Materials used in northern projects have not been necessarily designed for northern specific climatic conditions and this generates premature failures and costly maintenance. Locally developed and harvested biomaterials will reduce the need for expensive shipments and lower the use of non-renewable resources while increasing these communities’ resilience in the face of drastic environmental changes. This project will constitute one of the first applications of natural language processing to show the effect that participation in social media has on real world behavior and culture. One risk is that algorithms are not yet trained to identify racialized sentiments or polarization, and must be developed for this purpose. Our ability to gather data is also sensitive to the accessibility of the social media platforms we select, and the cooperation of police.

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Terminal may move up or down to adjust to the height of the player. Or record a particular arrangement of displays, keyboards, or other hardware. Cards, and the dealer takes two hits for a total of four cards). Player position and if competing against a dealer, to the dealer position. Better lower amounts when there is an elevated proportion of low-value cards. Insurance, the player can bet an amount up to half that of his original bet.

NMC370H1 – History of Ancient Israel

It also investigates the economic basis of the Assyrian empire, including taxation and tribute, booty from military conquest, specialist craft production, and agriculture. The course emphasizes the historical evaluation and interpretation of the primary written ez coin ranking sources. This course examines the relationship between political critique and the textual production of possible worlds, taking the Arabic literary canon as its example. Among the key concepts analyzed will be history, time, language, and selfhood.

For example, OpenAI’s GPT-3 model has shown state-of-the-art performance on language tasks such as automated image captioning. Notably, GPT-3 has demonstrated an impressive ability to automatically generate computer code from commands in natural language. While this has the potential to significantly lower the barrier to entry across a range of computer programming tasks, it has yet to be applied in making data analysis more accessible. Robots that can extrapolate a child’s intentions and assist in creating multimodal communication pathways, can improve the quantity and quality of social interactions. This work can generate scientific insight into pragmatic reasoning in children and could be transferable to other populations and communication domains wherein the traditional cues humans rely upon are limited. Our interaction model can be applied to support creation of new technologies for applications such as human-robot interaction in manufacturing and autonomous vehicles.

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David Braley gave $5 million to the construction of the David Braley Athletic Centre and, in a separate gift, contributed $1 million to the centre’s sport medicine and rehabilitation centre which now also bears the Braley name. Finally, McMaster’s full-time undergraduate students voted in favour of a levy on their fees, a levy that will eventually contribute $20 million to the project. The result is that the David Braley Athletic Centre, which opened in 2006, and Ron Joyce Stadium, which opened in 2008, form one of the most advanced university athletics and recreation complexes in the country. The University’s fundraising campaign reached its goal in 1998 with scores of alumni, corporations and organizations making gifts to the McMaster University Student Centre .

Canadian Patents Database

This is achieved through analysis of texts covering a wide range of topics. By the end of the course, students are expected to achieve upper intermediate level of proficiency. A seminar that critically examines the types and varieties of national expression in Arab societies of the Middle East and North Africa, through a reading of common texts and students’ individual research projects. This course probes the contemporaneous formation of modern Oriental Studies in Europe and the emergence of discourses on Europe (Ifranj/Farang) in the Middle East from the eighteenth century to the present.

The term Middle East refers to a broader geographical area stretching from North Africa to West and Central Asia. Although Islam became the predominant religious culture and remains so to the present day, the Middle East has been home to many religious communities, including Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and others. And while Arabic functioned as the interlanguage in much the same way as Latin did in the Christian West, many other languages and cultures contributed to the formation of Islamic civilization. Despite initial studies that suggest there is evidence of brain injury and PTSD in the vast majority of IPV survivors, how it contributes to their lived experience, and how outcomes can be improved, remains remarkably understudied. The brain injury that occurs in IPV is unique because in IPV there is typically a combination of both mild TBI (mTBI; i.e., concussion) and non-fatal strangulation (i.e., a hypoxic/ischemic insult).

Our proposed research is high risk because amphibious architecture, whether as new or retrofitted construction, is essentially unknown in Canada and has not yet been implemented here, much less in an Indigenous community in Canada. We need to go beyond the reliance on morphology and incorporate Omics data when analyzing histology images. We challenge the traditional morphology-based prediction and hypothesize that underneath the many faces of plaque morphology, it is essentially the combination of disease-related biological processes, and where they are located in the plaques that decide the vulnerabilities. If successful, this will be the first antivirulence drug ever developed based on PPK inhibition. PPK is an attractive drug target because its inhibition will unlikely result in antibiotic resistance. The proposed microsensor has never been designed and developed before and will offer a very effective and economic method for evaluating the efficacy of a PPK drug.

  • In 2009 and 2010, a group of nearly 60 donors gave to support the rejuvenation and preservation of the building’s historic and unique Great Hall.
  • Storage devices, gaming machines and remote transaction servers.
  • A key step towards smoking cessation is the decision by the smoker to quit, yet over 50% of all smokers are ambivalent about quitting and make no current effort to stop.
  • Insurance, the player can bet an amount up to half that of his original bet.
  • Aureus mutant library for biofilm formation under conditions mimicking human wound infections.

Reference reading from a gaming communication device located that sub-zone. Gaming communication device 604 to determine the location of the device. The random sequence are consumed by the online casino during the game session. Taking and registering bets for one or more events, including sporting event.

We shall follow these midrashim in other midrash collections such as Midrash HaGadol, Tanhuma, Bereishit Rabbati, and Aggadat Bereishit. The motif of Original Sin has had significant reverberations in Judaism and Christianity and societies influenced by these traditions. This course assumes active knowledge of the content covered in NML110Y. It places equal emphasis on the development of all language skills. As the course progresses, students are introduced to the fundamentals of Arabic morphology and syntax.

Concept involves enabling a user to view a certain activity or area remotely. Signal strength readings may be used to determine the location of the device. Further, the devices may not be allowed to “conned to the Internet. Or more of such computers are located remotely from the others.

McMaster Museum of Art building and endowment

Unlike typical antibiotic discovery campaigns, we will combine high-throughput whole-genome approaches with the exploration of traditional Indigenous medicines. 3) Determine the efficacy in autologous BM-MSCs in reducing disease severity and/or increasing functional outcomes in our equine model. Will ultimately result in shorter wait times for patients to see an ocular oncologist through better triaging based on risk of malignancy.

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Various movements within Judaism competed in efforts to resolve these difficulties. In this course we will consider to what extent inclusion and egalitarianism have become complementary to traditional Judaism. Digital technology and the growth of “big data” are transforming not only the ways in which archaeologists present and communicate their research, but also increasingly the ways they collect and analyze data. This course uses underlying concepts from the emerging field of data science and helps students develop hands-on skills in various critical techniques in archaeological data analysis and modelling, focusing on case studies from the Near East. This class investigates archaeological traces of human interaction with the supernatural world in the ancient Near East, including figurines, temples, skulls, statues, and cylinder seals.

NMC367H1 – Archaeology & Architecture of Egyptian Monasticism

Focusing on the social life of images, it examines how the Ottomans and their rivals governed the territory through navigation, astronomy, architecture, property, and geographical surveys. From religious to scientific visualizations, maps make history. Yet not long ago, they were rare and strange technical objects, and their value as historical source has shifted again and again. Each week illuminates moments of this story by centering on a topic including empire, image, boundaries, print, reform, visualization, infrastructure, spatial literacy, map wars, and verticality. For centuries after the rise of Islam, much of the Middle East was still largely comprised of diverse communities of non-Muslims.

However, currently used materials do not exhibit the combination of high selectivity, capacity, longevity, and low regeneration energy, required for large-scale CO2 capture. In this project, a different approach will be taken towards the development of CO2 capture materials wherein photoactivity is the main driving force for CO2 capture and release for its subsequent utilization. Through better characterization of developing memory systems, this will serve as a model that can be applied to study atypically-developing fetuses who are high risk for memory deficits and inform prenatal health guidelines. Primary player will deviate from optimal or conventional strategy. Secondary player may bet 4 coins with an apparent potential to win 800 coins. The results of the primary player and wishes for the primary player to remain.

A variety of intermediate-level speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities will be included to further develop both spoken and written language skills. By the end of the course, students will be able to read, understand, and translate various authentic texts of intermediate difficulty. They will be able to write short essays and talk about a wide range of general topics. They will also have gained a deeper understanding of the cultural contexts in which Turkish is spoken. The course also serves as a preparation for the advanced study of Turkish.

The second component of the gift was $10 million towards the development of a community based comprehensive care and training facility. This project – the Downtown Health Campus – is located in central Hamilton and will open in early 2015. It will receive more than 54,000 patient visits annually and play a significant role in downtown renewal. The course offers a detailed introduction to the Neo-Assyrian empire and how it functioned, based on study of a representative selection of written sources . It examines Assyrian kingship, imperial administration, and daily life as reflected in the texts, including the royal inscriptions, official correspondence, astrological reports, and everyday legal and administrative documents. The course studies a cross-section of Assyrian society taking into account various perspectives, from the king and his highest officials and court scholars to the lowest-ranking subjects and deportees.

The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations participates in the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Language Citation for Arabic, modern Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Biblical Hebrew, and Ancient Egyptian. The study of languages is a demanding and intellectually rewarding educational experience that provides access to the varieties of human culture and expression. The Language Citation requires the completion of 3.0 credits and recognizes a significant level of achievement in the advanced study of a language. The Department welcomes students of all academic backgrounds who wish to learn about the Near and Middle East. Many courses do not require knowledge of the languages of the region.

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